Thursday, 7 February 2008

Anyone but Billary.

Is John McCain the W.S.C & the 1940 of America in 2008? He seems divisive and unpopular with his political party yet he has captured his public with ease, grace and panache. This is rather like WSC and 1940 when Halifax was favoured but shipped off, ironically to America! WSC got in and was really very good.

I think McCain is fine because he is that rare American; one of humility, experience and intelligence. I would vote for him at a shot over Hillary, or let's face it, Billary, but I would really need to think if it was McCain versus Obama. What a colossal race of bright opportunity versus safe experience that would be! Billary is fucking awful and unclean but McCain or Obama would make for a fascinating run, and one of genuine thought that might launder America in the world. Bring it on.

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