Tuesday, 19 February 2008

I'd rather be in Hawaii

It's a bit parky here in BS5 this morning. Ice on the car and the usual signs of the cold. Getting out of bed was not the easiest task in the world and I could have happily snoozed on for ages.

2 more states are having their day in the sun in the USA today (Hawaii and Wisconsin)and I hope Barack O' continues to edge Billary.

A top smart chat with my brother yesterday; we had not had a natter for a few days so it was very good to catch up - he is tangibly excited about his imminent holiday!

Off to work now for a day trying to price up shelf edging for our stores. Top laugh.

My friend Walshy has been given Medal of Honour Airborne for his birthday (a decent WW2 game)and I think he should install it and lose a couple of days' work larking about shooting Jerry!

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