Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Sat Nav Routing

This was me in my gaffer's Mercedes on the way to our store near Wolverhampton yesterday, and closer to Bridgnorth, in fact. I enjoyed driving her car very much and the Sat Nav, which is integrated was very good indeed and a total hoot. It is totally spaz proof and I liked it. I had a good day and felt competent, confident and assured in my work, which in fact, I was; thus it was a bit of a shock when on driving home in this mood, the Sat Nav took me past lovely BS4's parents' house, which I had not driven past since spending a weekend there with BS4, and definitely not since we stopped dating. It took the edge of my day and evening, but with credit to her we exchanged opinions about all that these last 24 and it's - well it's something positive but I don't quite know what.

Unbelievably full and busy at work on getting back to the office today and enjoyed it totally but want to be doing it on a permanent basis and on a deal that's as advantageous to me as it is to them! Presenting to a group of managers tomorrow about this and that, and it's all full of potential that I want to enjoy for all of 2008, not just to the end of April or May.

As much as a hoot as Carol's Mercedes is, I still enjoyed driving mine home the more! Really must clean it well on Saturday - it is the least I can do for its semper fidelis mileage!

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