Tuesday, 5 February 2008

48 hours in England

What a right old caper these last days! Much to enjoy, much to ponder, little to regret and all to think about.

Sunday was cool but I did not really rehearse my reading enough for Church and was only 95% decent, a shame as it was a fine reading to do. Our congregation then had lunch together at The Rhubarb to discuss general participation in church. Church picked up the tab and D the V was looking particularly fine, she was on form too and in good fettle. I enjoyed her company muchly, and the company of the fifteen who took part too. Hymns were a bit weird this week, though.

Home after that and ironed for England but then a few pints with the chaps which really went from a regular pint to giving it the Barry - most wobbly on getting home. Work on Monday was a subdued and quiet affair. Took a pool car home on Monday night for store visits (on Tuesday) and left my house keys at work. No access to them so here I am 35 years old and in the last ten days I have put a mobile phone in the washing machine and locked myself out of my own house. Just two examples of skill, reliability and forethought that will help my plan to settle down in fine female company.

So today I woke at Steve's house - he put me up with grace and piss taking, a fine mix. Drove to Clifton to pick up Lara from work and we drove to our store in Devon. I had a productive, intelligent and capable visit and frankly, I was on form! A happy irony that as part of my warehouse work I saw this wagon delivering stock - a FINE company and one that puts me in happy thought of my tremendously great friend Mr Seamus Butler. Many a lark tied to that thread!

Home now and Sunday's postponed roast is on the go. Here I am on my own in my house and happy and free. I will have lived here for four years in four weeks!

Poor old Walshers is on a Guns of The Naverone, Superfly TNT evening with his internet connection failing - he works from home and lost 20 hours' coding tonight! He says B.T are See You Next (Super) Tuesdays.

Thanks also to the two people in New York state who read my Blog last week. VOTE BARACK O!

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