Saturday, 16 February 2008

Mercedes Ruehls

I have had quite a smart Saturday! I had a lie in until a mega idle 8.55, but then we had been out for a curry last night to celebrate Trevor's 60th.

The Rhubarb circle now has the age spread of 20s (Spence), 30s (me), 40s (Stevie Hopes), 50s (Cas) and 60s (Trev'). Trev was 60 in the week so a curry on King St was in order and very fine it was too.

Woke at 9 and went for a run - cold and frosty but ran twice the usual distance. Off to Cribbs Causeway after that to replace my favourite jeans which went MIA last year and are now at the bottom of a canal in Wiltshire. Called into the Mercedes dealer to try to replace the glass for my wing mirror but was met with a polite and useless 'Oh that's Parts, Sir, could you call in during the week?'. Given that they are Jerries you'd have thought a paper list of commonly sold items & prices might be on hand, but alas no such luck.

I sat in the back of an S Class (pictured) and it was HUGE. Very cool and tons of legroom. You can see me in the rear view mirror looking about 59 grand short on the 59,125 price tag. Also sat in a CLS Merc' (62 large! - feck!) and chanced my arm and asked for a brochure. The brochure was a hard back book, and that is probably indicative of the price!

Off to The Rhubarb later, and rarely for me, it is owing to a game of football. Arsenal - Man U in the FA Cup today - should be smart. A couple of pints and then I am going to cook something fine and take a glass or two of wine.

I think it is Walshy's birthday today so must call him too. Tenner says his weekend will feature a hangover.

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