Friday, 1 August 2014

A Bristol day out

A day out on my bicycle today to look around the City I live in.

I have not done this in a while and it was a pleasure just to amble about with only a loose agenda. I made a bee-line for Bristol's arts museum, The Arnolfini, and The M-Shed, the industrial and cultural museum. The M Shed was my destination because it has a massive satellite floor-map and I wanted to stand a few thousand feet above BS5.

Here's some pics and explanations and a shaky video, complete with my finger obscuring things in Queen Sq (where Bristol's slave trade was headquartered).

Got home just as summer ended and the heavens opened - typing now amid hot, heavy rain:

Scale model of all sorts of city areas, Arnolfini

Bristol Dinosaur!

Standing above my house, about dead centre of this picture on a street running top to bottom

One of a series of cranes, dockside

Wallace and G Motorbike and side car (Aardman animations a Bristol venture)

Cranes, river views, streets and Queen Square

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