Monday, 11 August 2014

Groovin' on a Bristol afternoon.

With thanks to the Pete Tong/Ritchie Cole inspired title, here is a wee post about a cycle ride this Monday afternoon.

I travel a good deal on the train and I am pretty organised about booking tickets ahead and at minimal cost to my work expenses budget. Thus I planned tickets for the week and duly and cycled off to Temple Meads for fares into Slough, London, Birmingham and Oakham across the rest of this week.

My ride took me to Queen Ann Road, site of The Rhubarb Tavern. On thinking back now, the cones were probably laid out to prevent people using the road as the tarmac was still pretty new and had that nice smell. Oops.

I hope the tread on my tyres is not unique or traceable to BS5. Kinda fun though!

As you can see from that picture, there was a mighty crane behind The Rhubarb - even more excitement! I liked the green and orange Scania paint job.

After stopping to look here awhile (and spotted by the Banksman), it was on to Temple Meads to park up my bike in Brunel's original tram shed where work shelled out £163 for trains.

After that I made a point of going through a new tunnel my brother and I discovered at The Dings a couple of days ago!

It's all go, Groovin' on a Bristol Afternoon...

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