Thursday, 14 August 2014

Ping!! In and out of London....

This week my work took me to our London office on Petty France (a road in Westminster, SW1 and a moment away from St James' Park and Westminster).

I enjoy going into London because it is my favourite train route of them all (to Paddington station), to a happening place with a lot going on, and frankly for a day a month that is vastly untaxing.

The structure of the day was typical, a 1-2-1 with my boss first thing and then a shared meeting with the other fella who does my job, reviewing our stores and reporting back on the most recent month's commercial trading across the UK. Between us we cover England, Wales and Scotland and a fair few ££ of turnover. I work hard at the prep' before hand but the delivery is easy-peasy.

I was into London early and took a wander up Palmer Street to the corner of Victoria Street and Buckingham Gate. I rarely have time to appreciate the office locale and its proximity to London stuff. This was a new view for me and I really liked this pub, nestled amongst new office blocks. The Albert opened 169 years ago in 1845 as The Blue Coat Boy but was renamed when Prince Albert checked out. Here is my picture of it - rather pleased with it. Bagged the bus too!

After my meeting I caught the tube to Paddington, watching the mix of nations on the journey.  I bagged  the 4.30 service and my seat of choice (the first two in the carriage are not reservable so they are easy to bag but most people hurtle past them). It was the one here on the right, train fans!

Just before the off a lady asked if she could take the window seat next to me. She settled in and I asked if she wanted her stuff on the shelf above - she declined and thanked me for the offer, and whaddayaknow, I recognised her straight away as Ping, the rather attractive and exceptionally talented amateur cook who won this year's Masterchef! Left her to it, but conversation came naturally and I told her I thought she was terrific on the TV. She thanked me and we chatted most amiably about it all. She said that the morning after the series finale went out on TV her life was completely changed, for the good! It was cool to meet her and she was charming, chatty and grounded. She may not be blogging about meeting me, of course!

Ping did not ask me for any recipes from the BS5 book of second breakfasts and evening compilations.

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