Friday, 15 August 2014

This is a big day...

My friend Mike is the most musically articulate and literate person I know. There isn't a tune he can't reference to another, be it via a sample or an artist or a similarity to another track.  For most of the late eighties when we were at school, other than liking a bit of Prince (and that was via you, Banj') , I kinda' coat tailed Mike musically.

Thus today is indeed a big day when, after 30 years of friendship Mike messaged me to say...'I'm about to go for a run and I've got your Delorean Dynamite track lined up. You've introduced me to music. This is a big day'.

Have a listen yourself...if Swap Shop, Space Hoppers and Chopper bicycles were in your youth it will echo your growing up days.

A big day indeed.

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