Monday, 18 August 2014

Water Bricks

I cycle around the BS5 and BS2 area a very good deal (they neighbour each other). I really enjoy it and one of my favourite bits of the area is shown here. This is the end of Oxford Street, a street on the way to the cheese grater bridge and Bristol Tempe Meads.

The pleasure I have in this road is that when cycling over these bricks, they all move and make noise due to the subsidence of the road and their floating  state. It is a most satisfying noise and the wobble is kinda' cool too. When it has hammered down with rain, you can hear and feel the wash of water underneath, prompting even more subsidence. I thought it was somewhat niche liking this and I had kept it quiet, but it turns out my bro' likes it too (no great shock, I suppose)

So here it is for public consumption, if I am honest, I always knew it was BlogBS5 gold....

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