Wednesday, 30 July 2014

More canoe action

I am just back at BS5 after a couple of happy and very sunny days over in Goodrich, Herefordshire.

My brother and I visited and it was all going on over there. House over the road is being taken apart then put back together after bracing (see lack of windows in second picture) - I happen to know that work alone is costing more than the balance of my mortgage. Feck!

House behind Ma and Pa's was having the chimney repointed so there were blokes all over that one too.

Dave and I picked a sunny day and went for it in our consortium-purchased canoe along the River Wye (but not all 134 miles of it) . Plenty of paddling; remarkable good fortune in steering and competence when passing attractive women on the bank; tons of gooseys;  a bit of sunburn,  and plenty of aches the day after.

Infinitely more fun than work.

Manhandling roof rack and boat:

Can't kick the habit of pre mission mug shot in case I am caught and questioned behind enemy lines (again):


Prep'. Dave on steering:

Me up front:

Under the bridge at Ross on Wye:

Several of about 450 geese:

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