Sunday, 3 August 2014

Spiderman, Skateboards and Cinema.

Near BS5 is a ten screen cinema with a massive car park.

All sorts goes on during Sunday afternoons. At one end of the car park about 40 body-kit cars were parked up with people comparing, playing the stereo as loud as possible and generally having a noisy, harmless time. At the other end, about eight fellas were skateboarding, filming ollies, slips, grinds and slides with some pretty serious camera kit ('Hey man, how's it going?' they cheerily said). But the side of the car park was a spod-blogger.  The car park is right next to the GWR line out of Temple Meads and off to Bath. Why have I not been here before for BlogBS5? I pass it a million times a week on the train! Trains pass on the level so it is not too bad at all for a bit of spod-action, and indeed there are steam trains passing here most weeks.

This is 43127, Sir Peter Parker grinding and clanking its way into Bristol this afternoon. I had a quick stop here, and then merrily on my way putting in a few miles for the pleasure of it. This particular power car was completed on July 14th, 1979 and has been in continual service since (I had not long since turned seven!)

I think my next indulgent purchase will be a camera that is a bit better than my phone.

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