Friday, 29 August 2014

NATO visits Newport. Tidy mind, Spa.

You knows it!

NATO is coming to Newport on September 4th and 5th.

150 world leaders, 10,000 staff, 2000 journalists and 9000 coppers.

Every news outlet is reporting the NATO summit as Cardiff and whilst it maybe the Welsh capital, reporting Cardiff is still a sloppy mistake. Newport needs its publicity and this is surely it?

Barack O' and world leaders will be visiting to hammer out our great world issues. However, I am sure they will be in the bubble and shielded from the real thing that Newport offers. It isn't great.

To help the NATO bubble this 9 foot steel fence is right up around the whole venue. It is in place for miles and miles and miles (nine miles all told).  I drove past it today coming back from my folks' house to BS5.   How much did it cost and what does it say about NATO to have that much security? I bet the venue will be as tight as a gnat's chuff.

Newport is the town where I went to school, met best friends, and bagged my qualifications for University and beyond. It is not a town famed for beauty, tourism or culture. Check out this Alicia Keys parody. The guy in the video (Rhys) fronts the band GLC and was a couple of years below me at school.

You knows it Newport...tidy.

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