Sunday, 27 July 2014

Frank Makes.

For a few weeks now, I have been watching Frank Makes, a great You Tube channel out of Portland, Oregon in the USA.

Frank Howarth is an Architect and wood turner and he makes terrific videos of his turning work. I am not into wood turning per se, but the wood turning here is complemented by animations and voice overs which are equally entertaining, as is the care and provenance of Frank's work. I found the channel (I am afraid to say) whilst looking for a video on concrete forms, shuttering and re-bar. I have watched every upload since!

Frank has 62,000 followers and his videos have amassed well over 2m views. I was therefore pretty chuffed when I made a comment one one video last month, and another on a second this morning, both of which Frank replied to, courteously and promptly. Kinda cool!

These are stills from the video today, turning a clock housing out of left over edges from bowl blanks.

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