Friday, 4 July 2014

Rescue Ridgebacks

At the end of this week I am at my mum and dad's house, helping their neighbours move house.
All this was going as per plan last evening when the phone went and a friend from growing up days came on the line. Were we in the humour for a rescue mission? 

Our friend Kate had broken down whilst on a rescue mission herself, driving two Ridgeback pups to a rescue centre in Hay on Wye. Said party stayed here overnight and will resume their mission this morning. Rather nobly (I thought) I kipped in the conservatory with the hounds, resulting in a 05.15 alarm call of nipped toes and licked ears. By the look of these two, they are a big old bag of lunatic hooliganism. Many things will be chewed. For small dogs they are prolific poop machines. 


Kathryn Dodd said...

We cannot thank you enough for being so noble. .. pups are having a great time x

BS5 Blogger said...

My pleasure, truly!