Friday, 4 July 2014

Walnut panel van

A great day of hard work today. Shifting, lifting, hefting and driving.

I helped Les and Sal move from Goodrich to Linton, an all-Herefordshire village exchange.

We started at 09.00 with a quick run to another nearby village where there was felled walnut timber to be had. On arrival the first batch was ready to go, so in it went. There was a little bit of chain sawing for the next load, so I paused to film it. 

We loaded and shifted the first lot while the other fellas chainsawed the  rest. So, two loads of heavy walnut hand balled on and off the van by 11.35. We followed his up with three more van runs, all of it furniture or big ticket stuff. I thoroughly enjoyed a day of hard work but I will miss my parents' neighbours hugely, they have been terrific.  

They are only up the road though, so plenty of new capers to be had and a lovely home will be made. 

Here is some of the sawing action.

Top stuff! 

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