Thursday, 10 July 2014

High Speed Chickens

I am back from a 24 hour stay over at my brother and sil's house. I stayed with them in order to make an easy hop into London for a job interview.

To London from their house always makes for a good look in at Slough railway station. It's not glamorous (like Bristol or York or Paddington) but it does make for some quite geeky train spotting. I love going into London from there.

On returning from the interview we had tea and lunch in the garden ahead of the drive back to BS5. It was the first time I had really had a good look at G&A's chickens. They go nuts for mealworms and just a shake of the bucket brings them hurtling from their scratchy tree, KEEERPPPPOWWWW! and they are at your feet pecking like loonies (they will hand feed too).

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