Friday, 25 July 2014

Eighteen days

My job recently shifted to 60% FTE or 3 days per week.

I have been at this caper for about six weeks and in that time, I have worked 52 hours more than contract just to get things done or keep stores open. I have to be diplomatic at work, but here I can state the bleedin' obvious and share the opinion that it's ill thought-out as a concept and fairly fucked up.

Anyhow, having acquired 7 days extra on a 3 day week, I am taking the next fortnight and a bit off to catch up. 18 days until my next day back at work and a fairly easy week on getting back to it (although I am giving up a weekend to work a show on my return).

Things I would like to do these next days:

  • Stay in bed beyond the 06.00 news on Radio 4
  • Loaf about
  • See my folks 
  • Canoe down the Wye with my bro'
  • Really put some wellie into finding my next role
  • Get out on my bike
  • Get running again
  • Work out how my tivo box is any different to the box it replaced
  • Go to Shrewsbury
  • Go to Dawlish for top sea wall train action!
  • Cajole my brother into a good shift clearing the back garden
  • Find my Definitely Maybe album
  • Take a walk across Clifton Suspension bridge
  • Shout loudly ALL DAY LONG and slam the door to kingdom order to emulate my feckin' neighbours of late

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