Thursday, 17 July 2014


This week on my crass three-day-a-week new role, I am working six, maybe seven on the bounce.

I am running our operation in Bath which would shut otherwise. Whilst this is a bind (making a three day week twice that length), it does afford dailies in and out of Bath. Bath is a good city and it is close to BS5, so at least the commute is shorter than some of my 170 mile each way Store visits. Working the store is great fun.

Each day this week I have tried to time the trains in order to bag a London-bound Class 43; Bath is its first stop out of Bristol. Sometimes I achieve this and sometimes I do not. Mid-week I missed it but I did park up next to one on the alternative train. Here in all its glory is 43002, the very first on the list! A trainspotter's delight.

This train was the first production  Inter City 125, a little different from the prototype. It has been running since 1975 when it was delivered into service from Derby.  I caught the same train home after its day's work and my own. Thus I was home on a train 39 years old and easily a  two million miler. It hoofs along at well over 120mph and sometimes feels like it will shake right off the tracks.

Top geek stuff!

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