Saturday, 29 November 2008

Yes we Can...nwin!

Cannwin, a Blog pal in America (Cannwin) sent me a link for a top bridge picture. This was pretty thoughtful of her as she recollected my bridge liking from a comment she made on a post here months and months back! Of course I followed the link and found this great picture!

Bag, surely this would be No.1 contender for top mountain bike action? It would be a smart run-up to taking a bike down those stairs, but I reckon they are 'a-massiver' than they look and would require a bit of nerve!

Lummox - this is in Malaysia, dude!

Here's more info on the bridge if you are also afflicted by this curious fascination.


Lummox said...

Well I suppose I'll have to fly up there and have a look at it before I move back to the UK.
But do i trust Malaysian bridges, I've seen them building walls that last about a week...

BS5 Blogger said...

Ha ha! Hey, it's a Butler two for one in BS5 from Monday. Seamus and Roy over for a few days!