Monday, 17 November 2008

Satellites and Pianos.

This week, here in BS5, I have been thinking about ways to increase my Blog readership. I am building my own satellite which I plan to launch on Wednesday. I have been putting it together in the back room of my local as I don't have a garage. Here is it nearing the end of the construction stage. Please let me know if you have anything you would like to launch into space as I have some spare payload space.

In a more down to earth note, later on today I have to move a piano and a ping pong table from my local boxing club to a new location. This will be the second piano I have wheeled through BS5 this month.


Liz said...

I would quite like a trip into space. Is it coming back?

BS5 Blogger said...

It's coming back after a month, Liz....might not be enough room for all your clobber for 4 weeks?