Monday, 10 November 2008

Radio 4 judgement lapse

Today in a rare lapse of judgement I listened to Woman's Hour (it happened last week too). I normally tune away from the Radio 4 daily show as it's often right-on strident old clap trap but today I enjoyed it. Here's why:

Cool article on Tracy Chapman who is only 44, and is black - didn't know either of those things.

Cool article on what the Obama daughters might expect in White House lives, and a review of other recent children therein.

The show is still going as I type and has now reverted to form and is droning on about something.

Also, my good friend Mr Walsh has helped me out with my PC, so no two-day outage as I was expecting to have to bare. Cool! I can stay on line and look up a recipe for today's experimentation.


Suburbia said...

"What's the recipe today Jim?" (sorry you're probably too young to remember that one!)

Tracy 'only 44'?!!Did you like her song? I liked the sentiment.

BS5 Blogger said...

I know that phrase (but only from my Mum, so you are surely too young too?)

Leek and potato soup!