Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Rays of sunshine

Well now, here's some good things to be thankful for.

The postman came today and delivered three letters. Now when you are applying for jobs you can generally tell the outcome of the application by the size of the letter...

First one was true to form and a thanks but no thanks for a job in Poole, second one is a job I really want, and the envelope looked depressing but in fact had two bits of paper in - a good opening sign. Hooray - an interview date and details of a presentation to give. That takes place a week tomorrow and is a Head of Retail job for a charity firm with 65 branches.

The third letter was not an application reply at all but a letter from the man who lent me most of the money to buy my house. His letter said that some chap called Mervyn at the Bank of England had told him to reduce interest rates, thus reducing my bill by a rather smart 84 pounds a month, or around 130 dollars if you are reading in America.

With all this news, this Blogger remains positive for now.