Friday, 4 December 2009


Although I am 37 which is worryingly close to forty, I am still
excited about Christmas.

This is my folks' Christmas tree and it is having a good drink before
it comes into the house (minus the decorative bin) in a week or so.

Top smart!


D'ang said...

Indeed. Best not to let anyone know you put out a mince pie, glass of sherry and a carrot for Rudolph on the hearth last year.

BS5 Blogger said...

Yoom is a cheeky coooo'ant!

Suburbia said...


Oooooh I am excited too! Tree is the perfect shape, and I quite like the bin as an accompaniment!

D'ang, the carrot goes on the roof, silly, or in the garden. There's no way a reindeer can get down a chimney!


PS. Spookily the word verification is 'Worph'. It knows........

BS5 Blogger said...

Good point there, Sub!

Baguette said...

Hey I can send you some magic reindeer food if you like.... it's aimed at kids but sure it'll work for you if you believe!!

D'ang said...

Well in fact I think the carrot was really so Santa could make a carrot and guacamole dip after his deliveries. BS5 just said it was for Rudolph 'cos he wanted to hide his right-on Guardian-ness. But you and I both know he's Islington through and through.

In fact he asked me for ballet and modern dance tickets for his Xmas pressie.