Thursday, 10 December 2009


Here I am at Bristol Temple Meads for the 0730 Edinburgh train. I take
the service as far as Derby and then hop on a small train through the
Dales to my store. It's my Christmas visit so I am taking a Christmas
pressie for the store manager because she has done a great job this

No exciting through trains at BTM today, not even a slow, rumbling
goods train!

Further mobile blogging should I see anything fundamentally 'Blog BS5'
during the day.


Suburbia said...

Someting very artistic in that photo!

(More carrot sticks and guacamole?)

hee hee ....

D'ang said...

No further updates? All the way from BTM to Derby? You are telling us there were no interesting cranes holes platforms girders bits of concrete diggers spoons traffic lights lorries pavements tunnels planes sidings timetables level crossings tickets small-skwashy-Smiths-stores retail dilemmas sourcing issues at all?

BS5 Blogger said...

There was a pretty smart Goods train that I might upload...

D'ang said...

You know it makes sense. And indeed Dandelion was asking me if you'd put up a train vid soon.

Of course she will deny that. But she got a railcard the other day. Evidence indeed!