Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Home for Christmas!

I had a very snowy drive to my folks' place for Christmas today and
the last two miles saw some extremely careful driving in VX52 with
heavy flurries coming down.

Having planned my packing 48 hours in advance I remembered almost
everything, leaving only one thing at BS5, a lamb shank! That's a bit
of a pisser because it was really tasty and as well as finishing it
off, I wanted to make stock from it for a stew next week. Never mind.

On getting here I unpacked and cracked on with some festive ironing! I
did this with some Carols on via my iPhone to wireless speakers. It
really is cutting edge here.

Festive pictures of the snow to follow tomorrow.

1 comment:

Suburbia said...

Wow, such a festive photo to add to the 'cutting edge' HR9 establishment!

(hee hee)