Friday, 28 August 2009

See what you can (not) do...

I am a little bit arsed off about my I Phone now that I have it. About it, not with it...

When I signed up with the provider (yesterday) all I wanted assurance on in order to sign up was as follows:

Can I watch BBC News 24 on the go?
Can I Bluetooth my contacts from my Blackberry and my other phone to the I Phone?
Can I listen to the radio live?

A confident yes to all three had me signed up, but here I am 24 hours later and none of those three things is possible!


It's all about Flash and Stereo Bluetooth you see.

The Store staff today told me that 'you have been misinformed'.


It's still a great bit of kit but the retailer in me is a bit fucked off about the careless service.


Suburbia said...


Fat, frumpy and fifty... said...

well...hiya, from kent..

my son is here and he has an itouch and is in the know..he says this...and here he is typing...

over to son..

for your first querie, you must download a free application called TVU player, in which you can watch BBC NEWS, and many other television programmes (many of which i don't have a clue about).
Secondly, you should be able to send all your contacts from one phone to the other. i am not sure on this, however, i think that if you can send all your contacts from one phone to the other, which should work like normal bluetooth. Thirdly, this should be able to work through another application which i'm sure you'll be able to find. But more easily, you can go onto the iplayer website, and use the radio there, this will work as bbc have devolped it so that it will work on the iphone. I also believe there is an app to take you straight to the iplayer website.

There y'ar. :) Tell me if you have any issues with this and i shall try my best to resolve em. :D

well thats my son to you...he types soooo fast without looking at the keyboard..amazing...HTh let me know and he will try and sort out when we are home...

saz xxx

he's just told me that you can watch tv too!!

BS5 Blogger said...


Saz! Thank you, sweetheart!

I have sussed forwarding Gmail to my I Phone and I will keenly look at all the other tips from FFF Jr!

How was your pendolino train ride?!

I was in Cumbria last week and am there again next Monday and Thursday!

Chat soon.

BS5 x

Wayne said...

You can by a small little device that attaches to the iPhone and you can listen to normal FM radio. It's in the Mac store as when I was last in Brizzol I was going to get one [but radio is crap in KL so didn't bother].

Sending contacts using bluetooth isn't possible. What you can do is from your other contacts import them into the computer (through the cable most probably and some software associated with the device) once on the computer you can sync them with the iPhone. [I used do this with all my phones so it was all seamless to me when i moved to iPhone].

Lakeland Jo said...

I love my iphone too but I have had quite a few headaches with it, mainly to do with the settings going pear shaped