Monday, 31 August 2009

Apple Shmapple

After some initial and really very minor issues with my I Phone, I am now almost a full convert (to Apple....who'd have thought it?!)

The retail experience still irritates but the product is great (or 'The Bomb' as my freind Alaina has it) .

Lots of folks have sent information about my initial gripes and I have now got it all set up, except for watching live video on the BBC. I player is fine for stored or pod cast stuff and there is plenty of chance to catch news, views and a ton of stuff so I am chuffed.

There is aslo a great 'app' (as the trendy apple types say) to catch live radio so I may look at that. Thanks to Bloggers who offered advice.

I have become an I Pod experimenter too and have chucked about 300 tunes on. I do tons of train travel and whilst an I Pod is reasonably appealing I think I will be more of a quiet newsy/review pod-cast sort of a chap, rather than sharing and blaring my tunes via headphone with other train passengers. I think it's pretty selfish to bang out tunes that way.

Off to Scotland for a few days' work so that should all be fun.

I can Blog via I phone so I will have a go at that.

Top Spod action.


D'ang said...

A convert to Apple, huh? What now of all your disdain for trendy Apple types? And when I think how often you read the Guardian... Ah, not long now til you want to move to Islington and become a leftie. Oh yes.

BS5 Blogger said...

Oh Lordy! Fetch me an olive!

Suburbia said...

Almost a convert I'd say D'ang!

BS5 Blogger said...

I'm moving to Shoreditch to open a llama commune.

Anonymous said...

I can't hear you over the apple picture... there's a roaring in my ears... I think it's love. ;-)