Thursday, 27 August 2009

Miles and miles and miles.

I have a couple of weeks of long distance work as we head out of August and into September!

This week I have been in Cumbria again and enjoyed my train journey home last night. Next week I am travelling on the bank holiday in order to get to Aviemore - this is 498 miles from my house and I am there for the purpose of closing down a temporary store we have. It is in place just as long as the pair of nesting Ospreys remain in residence on Loch Garten. This will be hard work as we divide the stock up amongst other UK stores but it is a pretty smart location. The week after I am of to Suffolk for a few days and will be part of a presentation team doing stuff for our store managers.

Today I am happy to be at my house with a day 'working from home'!

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