Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Top refurb' action!

For nearly seven months now I have been about my business as a retail
Area Manager and in all that time I have been all over the place on
trains. At least twice a month I find myself at Derby station (as I am
now) and it has always been boarded over. A revelation today as a
long, full refurb' has been completed since I last passed through.

As a train/construction/transport/concrete spod this is all to the
good! It's a bit of a spanker. And I'm out of Derby on a brand new
train. Tragic but ideal!

All afternoon I have been sharing train changes with a blind lady. I
helped her off the train at Derby and learned that she was from
Tiperrary ("Tip' sure", she said).

I am about 40 minutes from a pint now and thank feck for that.

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Fat, frumpy and fifty... said...

its a long way to Tipperary! Crewe, chester and Derby too!picksv