Wednesday, 11 November 2009

On the Rattler.

On the rattler from Chester to Crewe, a single carriage and a nine
stopper. Leg room is scant and the middle table has a couple of young
girls giving it some volume on a tinny phone with R n' wanky B! Oh
joy. The ticket man has asked them to turn it down and in fairness
they did. That's cool.

So here I am on an hour's journey that will pass through Stoke, where
I attended uni'. It's not so bad really. I'm at my destination for
half seven by which time I'll have changed trains again and my pint
light will be on!

This is a picture of my shoe, live outside Alsager!


Suburbia said...

Your shoe?!! Loon ;)

D'ang said...

‘...Stoke, where I attended uni'.

Another way to put this would be, ‘Stoke, where I sat in front of my computer and played Doom for three years.’

BS5 Blogger said...

'completed Doom' , c'mon!

Loon? Moi?