Thursday, 19 November 2009

Cruise news..

I am on a day's leave today.

I woke at half five and drove to Southampton to collect my folks.

They have just finished a 28 day cruise that covered 8500 miles and a ton of stops and countries!

My Mother entered the digital age and took a new diggie camera with her. She was only on one photo of the 400 she took, most of which were buses with ears, ships, cranes and lorries - oh, and a bridge! She thought I'd like on!

Here's a Caribbean crane, Ma and Pa's cruise ship (next to the world's largest), and my Dad in holiday mode! No pix of my Ma here; she wouldn't like that.

Back at Ma and Pa's now, and here comes the rain


dandelion said...

Welcome back!

Suburbia said...

That's a gert massive ship!

Glad they had a good time :)

cannwin said...

When my husband was in Kuwait he had to go down to the docks to get something (or find something, or do something annoyingly tedious as is usual in the military). So he's with his driver and they're coming up on where the docks are supposed to be but my husband can see this massive building in the way... it's an odd building for the area, very out of place and he's wondering what it's purpose is when he realizes it's not a building. It's a aircraft carrier!

He said it was one of the most impressive sights he's ever seen in his life.

That's what that cruise ship pic made me think of.

BS5 Blogger said...

Hi Cannwin,

Now that's a great story. One thing the US does fantastically is Aircraft Carriers like USS Enterprise or the USS Nimitz!