Thursday, 5 November 2009

Breakfast brother.

Another brother, another breakfast!

Today my other brother is passing through BS5 and he is on his way to Hong Kong.

Just like earlier in the week with Greg, we went out for brekker at Grounded, my local and somewhat Guardian-esque cafe. We had a top smart time and were surrounded by mothers and tots drinking coffee and chattering.

Back at my house now and cracking on with WFH. Today it's all about stock turn and weeks' cover.

And a sneaky read of Trucking International, a magazine I like but haven't purchased for a year!


Suburbia said...

A whole year? Gosh! Perhaps the time has come?! ;)

(Hey! That's my seat!)

BS5 Blogger said...

Oh yes, it was your seat!

Yes, a year for the magazine :)

dandelion said...

D'ang... I'm electrified. Are we having a sartorial retro with a hint of boho insouciance to it?