Thursday, 5 November 2009

For Dandelion

My friend Dandelion recently sent me a bus picture as she knows I like these things.

I suspect Dandelion is not wholly averse to bridges and stuff, as well as buses so here's a post for her.

This top bit of kit is a flyover in BS5. I cross it in the car to go to Sainsbury's and I walk under it many times a week to the railway station.

This week it is having some work done on its legs. See how the chaps and lasses fixing it attend to their work by climbing down from the top, not up from the ground. Cool huh?

In the picture of me pointing at it (Credit: BS9) you can't see the movement of course, but it was whirring away!


cannwin said...

It's amazing what engineers come up with. I enjoy seeing how bridges are built.

BS5 Blogger said...

It's all rather smart!

dandelion said...

Oh how sweet! I'm quite touched... There was a lot of digger action earlier today, right outside my lecture room. I thought of taking pix, but feared that the speaker might be jealous of the digger...