Saturday, 28 November 2009

Saving the Wales.

For much of this week I have been on store visits in mid Wales. All
great fun but zero phone signal so no calls, no texts, no blogging and
most difficult of all no connection with my BS9 :-(

That is all restored now

Now then, in previous roles, store visits have been to one identical
high st or another with a dull view of a staff car park or a tired
staff room in need of a refurb' . These days I support eight stores
with views like this!

This is Lake Vyrnwy in mid Wales. It was dammed and filled in 1864 and
gravity feeds Liverpool with a source of about eight million gallons
of clean Welsh H2O. My store is at the end of the road atop the
reservoir. It is a profitable store with sound customer service and a
decently low wage to sale ratio (this is good) . The team are
innovative and excellent.

After a store visit with sales analysis, I hopped into a land rover
with some of the gang and explored the 22000 acre reserve! We saw peat
preservation, land management and up close some Welsh Black cattle.
Not a bad few days' work!


D'ang said...

Top and massive. 'Vyrnwy' is a bit of a mouthful though.

Now, any good trains?

BS5 Blogger said...

Not so many good trains and had to stand on the train all the way home from this store.

'Vyrnwy' is a mouthful to spell but easy to say. Think Jules Verne taking a piss...phonetics equals Verne Wee. See?

Actually, when I looked over the edge I think I saw Khaless telling me to be mighty in the store average transaction value. Yes.

Suburbia said...

You are both loons!

BS9 is :)x now