Monday, 4 May 2009


In the week just closed I was all over the place with work, as has been my recent fortune. In amongst days here and there across counties, railway stations, meetings, stores and bird sanctuaries I made time to come back to BS5 on Thursday night for the Confirmation service at my local church.

Quite quietly and with no real reference to anyone else but my tremendously thoughtful and kind Vicar (pictured) I decided to press on and go for it; it is a decison of about 25 years' contemplation, and 18 months (to last week) of serious thought. Anyhow, I did it and enjoyed it, and in a service attended by 120 folks, eight of us were confirmed. 

I read the first reading to the congregation before being Confimred by Mike Hill the Bishop of Bristol. I had not met him before but he is a cool chap who speaks inspirationally and with an Antipodean twang that is born only of a UK heritage, I think. Most enjoybale it all was and I like that I did it. Ironic that he has a Jewish heritage when he is a Bishop in the C of E, but then I suppose all Christians are Jews really.

I am not trying to convert you or promote it by any means, but just to tell you that it gave me pleasure.


Fat, frumpy and fifty... said...

COngratulations BS5!!!!! Happy days!!

Nice looking chap the bishop? vicar? and who is the lovely looking lady pray tell!!

BS5 Blogger said...

Hi there Saz,

The chap in the picture is the Bish' of Bristol and the lady is the Vicar of my local church, St Luke's, part of Bishop Mike's region, if you like.