Saturday, 16 May 2009


It was my birthday in the week and I turned 37 (eek) . On the day itself, I was working in a small town in Bedfordshire called Biggleswade and I didn't tell work colleagues of the occasion so it was a quiet affair.

Last night I visited Ma and Pa in Herefordshire. We all had dinner together and were joined by my parents' very kind, thoughtful neighbours. They are great company and Mrs Neighbour has a liking for champagne just now and again. She was kind enough to give the pictured gift to me for my birthday. How thoughtful was that? She's a good sort. Anyhow, we certainly drank it as you can see. Pol Roger was Winston Churchill's favourite champagne. I am not sure that Pol Roger is related to Pol Pot - I hope not.

Anyhow - sore head this morning but very much worth it for a happy evening in great company.

Oh yes- the Apple Mac you can see is not mine. Obviously!

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Fat, frumpy and fifty... said...

Nice to hear from you!! hope all is well...busy busy bee you!