Friday, 8 May 2009


Just to fully reassure you that I am not a complete train spod, here's a quick vid' I took yesterday on my Blackberry. 

I have been doing lots of train travel these last six weeks and I have honed my spod spotting skills, and perhaps I have acquired some new ones too. Every station has train spotters and people registering rolling stock and engines! Anyhow, always entertained by a fast train through, I had to make do with this semi-speedy affair.

It's all going wrong!

The result of my train travel was a productive and very pleasant day in our Regional Office at Banbury in Oxfordshire. It's a civilised and gentle part of the world but it's not big on doorframes for a tall chap.

I have been at home, WFH or back home each night all week; a rare treat.


Suburbia said...

The excitement of it, hee hee!

(leave my nose alone!!)

BS5 Blogger said...

The honkers are great chaps!