Monday, 4 May 2009

Not in Scotland.

Today my brother has gone to Macau, prior to coming home to the UK for a month's stay in a week or two (I am looking forward to that very much) . I am afraid I could not place Macau on the map, and hey, it's not in Scotland, as was my first impression. I Googled it and found it near Hongerrs. It has a tower so I am hoping my brother will take a picture of that and the odd passing bus to share with me next time we elbow a bar in the UK.

Later today I am heading into new food territory under attractive and close supervision; I am going to put some asparagus stalks onto a hot griddle pan with a  little olive oil and some salt. Apparently it's really tasty - reports to follow.

Back to work tomorrow though in fact I am WFH which is a top Brucey Bonus.

A happy b/h weekend here!

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