Monday, 4 May 2009

All a bit Islington...

Tonight I cooked a leg of pork to see me through the week - it is an efficeint way to eat. I roasted it in the oven and to the roasting dish I added a diced onion, a lime, cumin seed, mustard seeds, ground ginger, merlot  and some apple. These caramelised deliciously and I added them to some olive oil in a ramikin. 

Here's the Islington part, and it's a part I would normally find a bit wanky, along with a cafe latte and a lack of tie wearing.

Tonight I had griddled asparagus with salt, lime juice, olive oil and goats' cheese - man with the caramelised stuff and a glass of merlot it was FANTASTIC (as was the company) ! I fear a chunky sweater on the horizon and crapping on about lentils in the week to come - and a dreadful desire to vote Labour, ban public schools and cease tie wearing altogether. 


Here's Winsto' to remind us of decency and the right way. Phew.

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Suburbia said...

Keep coming back to read this 'cause it makes me laugh every time!