Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Warning: rant!

Now I'm all for excellence in education and standards, and I believe the last Gov't had decent intentions in starting up the Academy system. What really gets my goat is the apparent belief underneath that, that to triumph excellence and standards is somehow elitist and therefore bad.

If you are going to promote good schooling why would you start with the wholesale abandonment of capital letters where they really have every right and duty to be? A great way to welcome your pupils.

This has recently spread to all those nob ends who recommend company strap lines and logos should all be lower case too.

Bring on the triumph of the mediocre and the average. Excellence and 'academy' indeed.

'bristol' my arse!


Suburbia said...


Cannwin said...

so you're saying it bugs you when i don't use any capitals?

D'ang said...


But surely it's just that way 'cos of typographic/font/design considerations? The font looks ok in lower case all the way through. And they got all their caps right on their website.

Anyhow I'm far more worried about the introduction of 'faith schools' into the UK, teaching kids primitive bronze age myths as if they were true.



scargosun said...

Never looked at it that way. I don't like it when people use all lowercase though for large amounts of text. Titles and such don't bother me.

BS5 Blogger said...

Great range of comments. Thanks all...

the lower case bristol blogger