Wednesday, 2 June 2010

It's shiny in Birmingham.

Here I am at Birmingham, having just hopped off the 07.30 Edinburgh
service from BS5.

I have a long journey to North Wales today which one can do on a
reasonably direct but small train through Wales or larger, faster
trains via the Midlands and the North West.

This train, which leaves shortly is particularly shiny! All good fun
save for the bell end with really loud headphones.


D'ang said...

Y'can't go wrong with a good train pic.

Hope you can get some time away from work to hunt down that targ, by the way.

BS5 Blogger said...

Khaless was driving and he had a Targ on the train buffers. I was going to challenge him for it but feared I might lack the skills with the Bat'leth. Yes.

Suburbia said...

Bell end? Like olives but not? ;)

D'ang said...

Kahless hit something?

Are you sure it was not Mrs. Kahless driving?

BS5 Blogger said...

Ooh, D'Ang.....good call there!

Sub', yep olives.