Tuesday, 15 June 2010


Sometimes when luck is around after Paddington I have a 40 minute wait
at Kings Cross for my train up to HQ. If I am hungry or thirsty I
stroll for a coffee but more often than not I will take the minute's
wander to St Pancras.

I like St Pancras; it's a full on, unashamed Spod stop with a great
mix of old and new architecture, top trains, and great pools of light
through the steel and glass. Some random photos are here. They won't
win prizes for artistic merit but I like them!



Suburbia said...

Actually I think they are rather good :)

BS5 Blogger said...

I was chuffed with the clock tower pic', except for the sign showing up at the bottom!

D'ang said...

Indeed, top train action. Next time perhaps we will be lucky enough for a video of a Eurostar!

scargosun said...

I love the architecture of the new stations and the old. Best of both worlds over there you have. (Yoda speak not intentional.)

Suburbia said...

Or D'ang perhaps a top exciting escalator shot?


Suburbia said...

PS. Meant to say, I like the bottom two best (photos)