Thursday, 3 June 2010

An outbreak of Britishness.

I am on the train home as I write, catching various services across
the country.

I am out of Crewe on a train bound for Birmingham now, but it has come
from far up country, apparently chasing itself all the way down the
land to make up lost time. It seems that many folks on board need to
make a connection at Birmingham that was looking to be a close run
thing with only a minute to play with.

An announcement just now: the connection train was ahead of us but its
driver pulled over to let this train hurtle past, ensuring we are in
Birmingham first and all who need to can disembark in good time and
scuttle to another platform to meet it.

Polite applause all round and general agreement that the driver must
be a good chap.

All rather civil.


D'ang said...


They do have manners in other countries too, you know. Not just Britain.

But anyhow. Good show.

BS5 Blogger said...

Was that piqué or just you a bit riled coz I'm on a train and you aren't? :-)

Suburbia said...

Now now boys!

D'ang said...


When a man has been on the Taiwan high-speed bullet train he does not envy your British trains, human!