Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Content with the content.

If I could choose to, I would not stay away from home as much as I do
(and it's not a great deal, really). That said when I do stay away I
am often content and this is so tonight.

I am in a decent hotel that my firm is paying for. I've had dinner and
rest and I have wine in my room now. I have a speedy old 3g signal so
I can stream cintent from one of a dozen channels via iPhone (News 24
from the Beeb' pictured here) . I may catch a DVD on my laptop later.
I Robot, I think.

I hope to sleep well and I'll wake at 6 and take a run just after.

I am counting my 'away' blessings just like I count the ones on home
fixtures too ( and you know who you are!)

Content indeed.

PS: I am not in Brighton, the tv pundit is. You know how it is in
Brighton. Eek!

1 comment:

Suburbia said...

How is it in Brighton BS5? Can't think what you mean?!

Glad you are content :)