Tuesday, 22 June 2010

And the word is 'Fuck!'


Two minutes before k o my diggiebox crashed. Then the fuck awful
rigmarole of a call centre 8,000 miles away where they don't give a
stuff. Platitudes and call centre excuses and no tv.

£39 a month for it to go wring and then lackadaisical customer service.

Radio 5 Live it is.

Irri bastard tating.....


D'ang said...

Bummer indeed.

Y'could go to the pub for big screen action?

Top match between France and RSA today. RSA played massive.

BS5 Blogger said...

Restored now but choppy. C service really poor and innacurate. Going to write in!

Yeah, Frogs RSA sounded fantastic; I was on a train in the deep sticks with no leccy, never mind 3G or wi-foid!

Suburbia said...

Oh dear. That's what happens when you gloat, see?!

Or am I taking this too far???

BS5 Blogger said...

Fair comment! Ooh, 1-0 Argentina!!