Monday, 1 February 2010

Tall women and time travel.

I have a bit of a dilemma - two in fact, so I will share them here.

On Sunday my top-smart other half showed me a picture of her from a handful of years ago and before we knew each other.

Then, as now, she looked traffic-stoppingly pretty. After she had gone home, I went to bed and had a dream that I went back in time and met her those years ago. She did not know me but I knew her and we went out and spent the evening together. Is this technical badness? I mean it was still my GF but a different person :) . I asked her and she said 'dreams are free, my love', so I reckon that's okay. Phew!

Here is the other dilemma: my local pub has a party next Saturday night where boys dress as girls and vice versa - just for a giggle you understand. I am unsure about joining in. I have pretty long legs (36 inches) but there's NO way I am shaving them! I think I'd look a bit odd in a skirt. Heels would put me over the six foot seven mark too.


Suburbia said...

You are just looking for excuses! You know you want too ;)

Hee hee..........

dandelion said...

traffic-stoppingly pretty? that's lazy language, bs5. surely she is train-stoppingly pretty!