Thursday, 25 February 2010

Store visits

I am at my hotel ahead of a day's store work.

The hotel is an old railway hotel and is trading on faded glory a
little. That said the rooms are cavernous , the heating is Victorian
Empire best and could warm an aircraft carrier, and the hot water is
abundant and constant. I like staying here rather a lot, even though I
often miss breakfast as it starts at 9am.

Caught the Chelsea Milan game last night which was relaxing and
electric after four hours on the train.

None of the hotel rooms has any TV as Digital switch over kicked in
this month and caught Llandudno junction on the hop!

Here again tonight before a train to picturesque Mid Wales tomorrow.


Suburbia said...

You haven't mentioned the other reason why it's a fab place to stay?!!

(Chooo, choo!!)

running away now.......

BS5 Blogger said...

Hoolgan! :-)