Wednesday, 10 February 2010


This is the view from bed in my pleasantly appointed B&B here in
Potton, a small village near my HQ.

I have been here for two nights after an away day meeting not far away
in rural Essex. Breakfast follows soon and then the civilised free bus
into work. I have a few hours' work with colleagues and then it's a
train into London at 2 and back out west to BS5 for a date at the
movies with BS9!

I like this B&B and I am grateful to stay in it; I always sleep well
and feel rested.


Suburbia said...

See you later x

D'ang said...

No picture out of the window of a cement mixer?

What about your fave bit of pavement in Potton?


Dandelion in getting out of bed at 8am shocker today. Who'd'a thunk it possible, eh?

dandelion said...

indeed shocking...

who put my clock forward?

bs5: can i have a full report on the trains and diggers in the movie?

BS5 Blogger said...

Digger report to follow - right after I've managed the shock of your 8am start !