Saturday, 6 February 2010

Dog stew!

You can't go wrong with a slow dog stew on a Saturday afternoon.

Stew all cooked now and I am blogging from my mate Steve's house where
we are drinking beers and watching Ireland trounce Italy in the Six
Nations. My brother is at Twickenham later for England Wales.


dandelion said...

are you going to share it with the remaining dog?

ps. the verification word is tainist, but for a moment i misread it as trainist...

D'ang said...

Trainist! Most telling.

Does the dog smell sny better in the stew than out of it?

My verification word is 'patickh.' One 'a' short!

Suburbia said...

Pongoid stew! I think I'll pass on that one. Made me laugh though!

BS5 Blogger said...

I'd like to stew the little bugger sometimes.